Bamako International Academy
Bamako, Mali


Bamako International Academy is an English-speaking international school based in Bamako, Mali. As an official partner to the prestigious Calvert School of Baltimore, BIA is dedicated to inspiring students in grades PK - 12 to realize their full potential in a 21st Century learning environment utilizing the renowned and internationally accredited Calvert School Curriculum. With expert support, and instructional systems designed to encourage academic excellence, BIA creates a learning environment that empowers students to achieve success. Embedded in the core of the highly challenging Calvert Curriculum are the fundamentals of reading, composition writing, arithmetic, critical thinking, and arts and sciences, which offer students the specific skills that are paramount in the today’s academic environment. Since 1906, Calvert’s high quality, research-based and standards-aligned curriculum has been yielding great academic results among families, partners and international schools globally. Our small class sizes allow us to delve deeper into our curriculum, creating more intimate and personalized learning for each student and a cohesive vision among teachers. BIA is child-centered and operates more like a small community with more than fifty students from over thirteen different countries in attendance. All students are encouraged to participate in various learning activities within and outside of the classrooms.

BIA provides an atmosphere of excellence where all students are engaged in high quality, real-world experience in learning. Our highly motivated teaching staff, world-class curriculum, and collaboration with the parents inspire students to achieve their full potential and become responsible citizens who are stable in their learning.

BIA provides a high-quality, internationally recognized virtual learning opportunity for students.  Our program aligns with the US public-school option for families preferring a flexible, child-centered environment and who are willing to support and be part of their child's learning. Parents, students, and teaching staff in our school work together to keep our students engaged and excited about learning. Flexibility, support, and a trusted curriculum are just a few of the many positive outcomes of this exciting learning alternative. The world-renowned Calvert curriculum is available for your child through Bamako international Academy for grades K through 12.

We offer small class sizes to facilitate and strengthen learning: small class sizes enhance sound knowledge and can hugely influence the level of academic excellence achieved by students. This academic success is obtained from teachers being able to spend more one-on-one time with students as well as having enough time to plan and check on students' completed work. With small class sizes, students are engaged in a learning process which gives them more time to ask questions and to discuss the subject matter in detail. There is no better place for your child to flourish in a small class than in our environment. We continue to create a sense of community with events that are fun and educational.

Our curriculum, Calvert, is accredited by the Commission on Elementary Schools (a division of Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools) and approved by the Maryland Department of Education, so you can be assured that your child is presented with relevant and exceptional instruction materials and certification.


What Your Child Will Learn At BIA

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