We hope all is well with our community families, and you are all healthy. Our educators are working hard and committed to ensuring continuous and meaningful learning for all at this time. We encourage students to follow their daily schedules with their teachers through their portal. Please, continue practicing the safety procedures wherever you are; we’ll get through this together. ~ Arthur Wilson

About Bamako International Academy

Bamako International Academy (BIA) provides internationally recognized English-language-based education to its students. Our school is located right in the city of Bamako, Mali. We partner with the renowned Calvert School of Baltimore, which provides US-accredited programs to students in our community at an affordable cost. BIA is child-centered and operates more like a small community attended by students from over thirteen countries. Our small class sizes and individualized learning strategies allow us to delve deeper into our curriculum, creating more personalized instruction and a cohesive vision among our teachers.

Our Mission

At BIA, our mission is to provide excellent and well-balanced international education in a multicultural environment that fosters learning, encouraging our students to reach their true potentials and become the very best version of themselves.


We are pleased to offer the Calvert curriculum to our students. Our curriculum is proven, time-tested, and recognized for its excellence and considered by educators and parents alike as the most exceptional curriculum available today. Originating from its beginnings more than 100 years ago at the prestigious Calvert School in Maryland, the Calvert curriculum is now used worldwide by Calvert partner schools, private and international schools, and other blended learning environments.

Calvert French introduces students to French as an international language and focuses on speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Class discussions provide an opportunity for discourse using newly acquired French speaking skills. Students learn personal greetings and some vital aspects of French culture and continue through practical communication exchanges, thereby gaining the skills necessary to make the most of traveling to French-speaking countries.

Take a look at Calvert, and you’ll find an impressive list of families and alumnae. Among so many others, President Barack Obama, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Pearl S. Buck, and political commentator William F. Buckley were at one time or another Calvert students.


The MSA-CESS accreditation of Calvert allows BIA students to transfer to schools of their choice at the end of their stay in Bamako and allows our high school graduates to pursue their college education at any of the reputable universities and colleges within Africa, North America, Europe, or elsewhere.



COVID-19 pandemic changed everything globally. It happened so fast that many schools had problems figuring out how to manage classes with the idea of social distancing and lockdowns. The transition from in-house to virtual learning was entirely stress-free at BIA because we have all the necessary tools. Our educators and students have advanced knowledge of managing their classes digitally from their portals. We have an edge in today’s ever-changing field of education.

2020.21 student enrollment is open, and we invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to offer the best education to your child at a reasonable cost. Call us today for more information.

For inquiries on fees and annual tuition, please call 92906250, 79470086, 70059709, or 90506939. The required enrollment documentation includes:

  • package must consist of a complete enrollment application form (scroll down a bit to download one)
  • applicant’s most recent school reports
  • a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate
  • In line with our enrollment procedures, an assessment test might be necessary to determine placement.